Transcript – Opening charts in a separate window

[01 Why to use Presentation documents?] 

In the command bar of the application you’ll see a button with a P on it, this allows you to present charts in a separate window. Besides being the first step in compiling a presentation of charts there are two other benefits to be had. You can use it to quickly open and compare a number of different charts. And you can use it as a viewing pane to monitor the changes to your chart as you make adjustments to time-series calculations. In this video, we’ll go through a quick use case for how to use the present button for these added benefits.

[02 Use case example – Covariation] 

Let’s say we want to define the length of a rolling correlation, in a way that will best convey a particular point.

[03 Opening a chart in a separate window] 

Click on the present button in the command bar, or use the Ctrl+Q keyboard shortcut.

[04 Performing changes in the analysis using information from the 2nd window] 

With the chart open in a Presentation document window we can see how the visualization is affected as we specify different lengths for the rolling correlation, and adjust the settings until we get the desired results.

[05 Comparing two charts] 

Before you finish off, you might want to compare this chart with another. Simply open the relevant document, we’ll take the one that’s already open here select a chart in the Analysis tree and present it in a new window.

[06 Conclusion] 

As you can see, there are a few different ways you can make use of the present button to make it easier to work with charts. If you’d like to learn more about creating Presentation documents have a look at the suggested materials at the bottom of the page.