Macrobond custom series

Series provided by Macrobond are identified by a unique name such as “usgdp”, which can contain letters, numbers and underscores.

Series provided by the user or via external sources, such as Bloomberg or a SQL database, always have the prefix “ih:” in the series name. This will be followed by the name of the data source and another colon. For instance, series retrieved from Bloomberg always have the prefix “ih:bl:”, which is covered in the documentation.

Macrobond account database

Series stored in the Macrobond account database uses the prefix “ih:mb:”. This is then followed by an indicator that tells if where the series is stored:

ih:mb:priv: Personal account that can only be accessed by you.
ih:mb:com: Company account that can be access by everyone within the company.
ih:mb:dept: Department account that can be access by everyone in the same department as you.
ih:mb:lib: Library account that can be read by everyone within the company, but only some users can store series.

The last part of the name for account series must then be followed by an identifier starting with a lower case letter a-z and followed by lower case letters a numbers. The full name must be unique. For example, “ih:mb:priv:myseries1”.

When you create a series in the application or Excel add-in, the prefix is added automatically and you only specify the last part of the name.

Macrobond SQL connector

When using the SQL Database Connector, you specify the database prefix as part of the database registration. If your prefix is “mydb” and the series identifier is “myseries1” the series name will be “ih:mydb:myseries1”.