Copy special settings

The Copy special dialog box enables you to choose the format when copying a Macrobond chart to the clipboard.

The copy special feature allows you to control which format is put on the clipboard and thus influence the result when pasting the chart.

You can copy the chart to Microsoft Office as an embedded object. When selecting Metafile and Macrobond Document object, you have two modes to choose between:

Metafile and Macrobond Document object

For these two modes, you can select to include a link to the document rather than embedding a copy of the document. The link will be established between the original document in Macrobond and the pasted chart. This allows you to paste a chart in several documents and have changes made to the original Macrobond document apply to all of them at once.

Compatibility mode 

This is the default option. It works well in most cases when, for instance, copying to Microsoft Office.

Unrestricted mode

The unrestricted mode also copies a metafile and document data but works better with some applications such as Microsoft Publisher.

Graphics file format

In the dialog box you can also choose to copy the chart as a static picture in either SVG or Bitmap format.


This copies a static bitmap picture. This can be useful copying charts to applications that do not support Windows metafiles. No document data will be embedded.


This copies the chart in a Scalable Vector Graphics format. This makes it possible to resize the graph later without losing sharpness. The format is suitable for web publishing or use with third-party software like InkScape.