Publishing charts in the intranet or Internet

The purpose of the Web publish feature is to simplify the process of publishing Macrobond charts in on-line publications, such as a blog, a content management system (CMS) on your intranet or on the Internet or when using social services such as Facebook and Twitter.

The basic idea is that an image is either stored or dynamically generated by Macrobond and that Macrobond then provides a URL (web address) for the image. That URL can then be copied and pasted into the editor of your on-line publication.

The features covered in this document are available in Macrobond 1.9 and later.

Dynamic and Static publishing

You can select to publish a static image of your chart. This image will show a snapshot of the chart.

You can also select to publish a dynamic image. A dynamic image will be changed when the data or the source document is changed. In this way the chart will always be based on the latest numbers and update automatically.

Publishing a chart

In the Web publish activity you can see a list of all the published charts. Here you can add new documents to the list and remove documents you no longer want to publish.

WebPublish - 1

You can remove a document by selecting a publication in the list and then pressing Delete on the keyboard, toolbar, Edit menu or context menu.

WebPublish - 2

You can also publish a document directly in the Analytics activity through the “Web publish…” command on the File menu or by pressing the “Web publish…” button in the File Open/Save dialog.

Once you have selected a document to publish, you will see a dialog like this:

WebPublish - 3

Here you can specify properties of the publication such as the type and the size. Please note that once the document is published, you cannot make changes to these settings. If you want other settings, you can publish the document again.

When you select a publication in the Web publish Activity there will be information about the publication on the right hand side. To use the image, you typically press the “Copy image HTML link”.

WebPublish - 4

I can then paste a reference to the image in my editor for on-line publication. When copying as HTML, you will get the image formatted and the comment will be used as the alternate text. In some cases, such as when publishing on Twitter, you might want to just copy the URL instead.

When pasted into a blog editor, it might look like this:

WebPublish - 5

In this case, a Dynamic publication has been created, the image in my blog post will automatically update when the gold price updates or when the document is updated with a new forecast.

WebPublish - 6


Accessing the service

There are limits on how many static and dynamic charts you can publish. You will find this information in the lower left corner of the Web publish Activity in the Macrobond application

WebPublish - 7

Your Macrobond subscription entitles you to publish a limited number of charts using this service. The number of charts that can be published can be increased as an add-on service.


Technical notes