With the Style sheet Activity you can create chart style sheets that allow you to define the visual style of charts. You can have several style sheets with different names and you can specify one of them to be used as the default for new documents.

When you create or open a chart style sheet in the Style sheet Activity, you will see a sample chart. You edit the properties of the different chart elements by clicking on them and then change the settings in the “Presentation properties” tab in the Command bar just like you do when changing chart properties in the Analytics Activity.


NB: You will not see all the properties that you see in the Analytics Activity. Only those properties that affect the style of the chart, and that can be applied to all types of charts regardless of data, are included.

When you save a style sheet, you can select to store it in one of three different locations:

To use a style sheet in the Browse or Analytics Activity, select “Select chart style sheet…” from the “Style sheet” menu. In this dialog you have the option to check the “Use as default for new charts”


When you apply a style sheet, the settings from that sheet are copied to your chart. If you make changes to your style sheet it will not affect any charts unless you apply the style sheet again.

Tip: If you have designed a chart in the Analytics Activity and would like to create a style sheet with that style, you can select the “Open in style sheet editor…” on the “Style sheet” menu.