How do I create, save and apply a new style sheet?

Creating a style sheet is not difficult to do, but it can take a bit of time. You can always get in contact with your account manager if you’d like help setting up a style sheet.

In order to create a new style sheet, open the Style sheets activity and click the “+” sign.

There is a tab for each chart type where you can click and edit elements similarly to how you would in a chart in Analytics.

Once the charts look how you want them to, you can save the new style sheet by clicking Ctrl + S. You can also open the style sheet main menu and select “Save chart style sheet as”. While saving a style sheet, you can also decide to define it as default for any new chart.

To apply the newly created style sheet in the Analytics activity, make sure that the chart you would like to change is selected in the analysis tree. Then, open the style sheet main menu at the top and select the name of the style sheet you would like to apply.