How do I highlight the latest observation on a scatter chart?

You can highlight the last observation on a scatter chart in one of three ways, depending on how you would like to highlight it. With option 1, you can circle the point and add text. With options 2 and 3, you can change how the point is plotted, and change its shape, color, or size.

  1. Using an Observation label.
    a) Having your scatter chart selected in the analysis tree, open the chart annotations tab at the top of the window.
    b) Select “Observation label” and click any point to add an observation label.
    c) Change reference date of the Observation label you just added by clicking on the label and deleting the dates in the Time range field. Leaving this field empty will select the last observation by default.
    d) Edit the style of the label by ticking the “Custom style” box in the Presentation properties tab.
  2. Plot the same scatter line again with a different presentation, and only show the last value on the chart.
    a) Open the graph layout and add another line with the same time series (make sure they are also in the same order).b) Select one of the lines and limit the range displayed under the presentation properties tab. You can start at the last value by typing +0 into the start of the Data range.
    c) Adjust the appearance of this graph by selecting a custom graph style, also under presentation properties.
  3. Use formula language to turn the last value into a forecast, then change how forecast values are presented on the chart.
    a) Type the following formula into the Series list or an inserted Formula analysis. This flags your series as a forecast when the current observation number is equal to the last valid observation number of that series
FlagForecast(fx:s1, Counter(fx:s1)=EndValid(fx:s1))

b) Change how forecast values are presented by clicking on the graph in the scatter chart and selecting “Forecast” under Presentation properties.