How do I splice two series together?

You can use one of the “Join” functions to combine two series together.

Join(series1, series2, observation)
  • This function will join “series1” and “series2” at a date that you specify. The “observation” parameter is optional. If not provided, the junction will be done at the end of series1.


Join(imf_q69466___zf, ngprod0001)

Join(imf_q69466___zf, ngprod0001, Date(2007, 1, 1))


JoinMoreHistory(series1, series2)
  • This function will complement series1 with the values of series2 that are before the start of series1. You would typically use this function when you need to add history to a series.


JoinMoreHistory(ngprod0001, imf_q69466___zf)

For more information on Join(),go here.